About Mostly Paleo & Kelly

Join me as I discuss the Paleo life, healthy living and WOD Ramblings…

Hi, I am Kelly and welcome to MostlyPaleo.com.

I am passionate about CrossFit, Paleo foods and, simply, a healthy lifestyle.

Fresh as you can get.  Natural as possible.   Wonderfully Organic.  Aiming for Lean Meats.  Roasted Nuts. Colorful Berries. Forget the Added Sugar.  No Salt Added Please.  Please give me Olive Oil. Skip the chemicals names you can’t pronounce.  And…that’s what I am all about…(sing to song if you like).

Call me crazy, but I am all about helping this lifestyle to be even more accessible.  So,  join me, and even help me in recommending others to follow us, as I share my favorite Paleo recipes, healthy living tips and tricks and random ramblings.

My goal is to make it easier than ever to make ethnic dishes, simple comfort foods or even baked treats – Paleo-Style. Or, at least…Mostly Paleo.  Yes, strict adherents, I am going to break the rules every so often, so deal with it.

In an effort to make this food easier than ever to understand and implement, check out the many video posts to help you get going!  Should be fun!

Share your thoughts too!


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